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The Best Trails To Hike This Spring in the Poconos

The Best Trails To Hike This Spring in the Poconos

As you visit the Poconos, make sure you find the best places to hike—especially if you’re visiting in the spring when the weather’s beautiful! The path you take depends on your skill level and who you’ll be hiking with, of course. Regardless of which path you choose, here are the best trails to hike this spring in the Poconos.

The Appalachian Trail

Looking to hike a section of the 2,190 mile scenic Appalachian Trail? A part of this path runs through the Poconos Mountains with countless breathtaking sites. This pathway is best for seasoned hikers since the historic pathway makes for a vigorous hike—but it’s totally worth it as you see blooming flowers and waterfalls!

Wallenpaupack Lake Trail

Go for a stroll along the shoreline of Lake Wallenpaupack. Many recommend as it's great for hikers of any skill level and highly recommended for its gorgeous view of the lake. Better yet, the hike is only about two miles but has the adventurous feel of a long hike.

Bushkill Falls

These gorgeous falls will become the highpoint to any hike. The park they lie in offers visitors various hiking trails. Each trail has a different level of difficulty and length, making it ideal for all hikers. After the passing of winter, this path is even more beautiful as lush greenery surrounds the water, making it one of the best trails to hike this spring in the Poconos!

Lehigh Gorge Trail

If you’re looking for an easy path with lush vegetation, Lehigh Gorge Trail is the route for you! This pet-friendly pathway offers an easy terrain for hikers, making it ideal for all age groups. Nothing beats becoming one with nature on a cool spring day.

Promised Land State Park

Promised Land State Park offers a wide range of options as it stretches 50 miles; the state park is surrounded by a forest, allowing you to feel like you’ve truly escaped the hustle and bustle of the outside world. During the warmer months, gorgeous flowers bloom along the trail, making it a site worth seeing. If that weren’t good enough, this is an ideal place for the entire family, including pets!

Don’t miss out on the best trails when you visit the Pocono Mountains! These hiking paths are ideal for all individuals, and after a day of adventuring, consider staying in one of the beautiful Pocono cottage rentals offered by Mountain Springs Lake. A weekend getaway in one of these cozy cottages could be just what you need to satisfy your sense of adventure!