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Tips for Planning the Ideal Microwedding

Tips for Planning the Ideal Microwedding

Engagement should be a happy time. There’s nothing more exciting than watching two people begin to plan their lives together. Sadly, however, 2020 has put a damper on all this excitement. Millions of couples have had to adjust their plans to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, not all hope is lost. Here are four helpful tips for planning the ideal microwedding that every newlywed-to-be should know.

Pin Down Guest List

One of the most challenging things about planning a microwedding is pinning down the guest list. Everyone wants their whole support system at their wedding. But unfortunately, the pandemic has made this nearly impossible. As such, couples need to narrow down who they want to be at their nuptials. Perhaps folks can offer a streaming option to those at home. Even though the guest list will look smaller, it doesn’t mean the day can’t still be special.

Splurge on Food

Another tip for planning the ideal microwedding is to splurge on food. Since people won’t have as many guests, they should consider increasing their catering budget so party-goers can have a delicious meal. This is also an opportunity to be creative. The newlyweds-to-be ought to offer something not many people have tried before. Plus, serving an amazing meal is one way to thank people for being so accommodating about the new circumstances.

Simple Décor

At a microwedding, the simpler the décor, the better. Since not many folks will be in attendance, there’s no need to go crazy with decorations. The space can still look beautiful with understated features. Those who want a wedding reception in the Poconos should look no further than Mountain Springs Lake. With our stunning views, minimal decorations are needed. It’s the perfect spot for couples that want to keep things lowkey and have nature speak for itself.


Wedding favors have become even more important during the pandemic. The newly married couple ought to show their appreciation to guests by presenting them with a gift at the party. Some individuals have used this as a chance to show off their crafting skills. Others have an object monogrammed with the date of the wedding. Guests will appreciate whatever gesture the newlyweds present them.