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Get your binoculars and life list ready. The Resort is a birders’ paradise. Birds thrive on a mix of habitat from conifers to soft and hardwood deciduous forests, to spring-fed lake, open fields, streams, and vernal ponds.

The Resort boasts a huge variety of bird life starting with the ubiquitous chickadees, titmice and blue jays, and more than 65 breeding species including the Ruffled Grouse, Wild Turkeys, and Great Blue Heron.

Unique to the area, we are on the cusp of Northern species and Southern breeders. During migration, we have at least 100 species of birds each day.

Wintering Waterfowl: Ruddy Ducks, Gadwall, Northern Pintails, Scaup (Lesser & Greater), Ring Neck Ducks, Mergansers, Wood Ducks.

Spring & Summer Residents: Great Horned, Barred and Screech Owls, and 
five breeding hawks--Red Shoulder, Red Tail, Coopers, Sharp-shinned, Broad-winged and sometimes Goshawk. You’ll also spy Bald Eagles, Osprey and several species of Woodpeckers (Pileated, Red-bellied, Downy, Hairy and sometimes Red-headed).

See if you can identify the 15-20 breeding warblers at The Resort including Yellow-rumped, Magnolia, Black and White, Nashville, Yellow, American Redstart, Common Yellowthroat and Ovenbird.

Looking for more birds? We are a short 1/2 hour drive from:
You can buy binoculars and bird books at our Guest Services Shop.

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Our Pocono resort is a perfect family vacation spot