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Why You Should Head to a Lake Resort This Summer

Why You Should Head to a Lake Resort This Summer

lake resortsIf you're looking for a more relaxing vacation this year, nothing beats a week or two away at a lake resort. Lake resorts with cottage rentals or cabin rentals can provide a perfect getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle of real life. It's just you, the water, the trees, and free time. There's certainly plenty to do at the resort to keep you active, if that's what you're looking for (kayaking, swimming, etc.,) but if you simply want to kick back with a book or magazine, on the porch of your lake resort, that's what these places are designed for. There's also a more upscale experience possible at lake resorts, so depending on what you're looking for, you can either have a rustic getaway, or a pampering five-star experience!

Why Choose a Lake Resort Vacation?

As mentioned above, lake resorts can be the perfect way to unwind and get away from the craziness of everyday living. It's also a great chance to reconnect with your partner.'s 2017 "Traveler's Sweet Spot" survey reported that almost 40% of men and 35% of women thought that romantic getaways were the best kind of vacation. Between jobs, kids, and other commitments, it can be tough to find time to make romance happen -- so why not take that time at a beautiful lake resort?

If you are traveling with the kiddos, there's plenty to do at a lake resort to keep them entertained. There's certainly plenty of water activities, but depending on the season, there also might be gorgeous winter activities, like snowboarding or skiing nearby.
And at almost every lake resort you visit, you'll be met with unparalleled views and excellent service. Why wouldn't you choose a lake resort for your next vacation?

Where Can I Go?

The options are practically limitless -- lakes exist all over the country and all over the world! Want to take a more low-key domestic vacation? No problem! There's likely gorgeous lake resorts not too far a drive from you! Interested in spreading your wings and exploring the rest of the world? In almost any country you visit, you're sure to find beautiful lake resorts that practically beg you to come stay with them. (Your hardest decision will be figuring out which one to go to!)

If you live in the northeast, the Poconos are a great destination, no matter what the season. In the spring and summer, you can enjoy water sports, golf, tennis, boat rides, and more, as well as simply soaking up the sun and fresh air. In the fall, there's beautiful foliage everywhere and it can be the spot for a perfect autumn getaway! And in the winter, there's snow tubing, skiing, and other winter sports to enjoy.

Some resorts will also offer restaurants and bars on site, nightclubs, and even spas, so you don't have to even leave the resort to feel totally pampered and taken care of. It's all right there.

What Should I Look For When Booking?

Check and see if there are packages available when you're booking. Some might have a bundle for airfare or accommodations, or have special packages for romantic getaways, family trips, or other special occasions. Depending on the package, you might also get free entry or a discount on other things they offer at the resort, like a spa or restaurant.

It's also worth making a list beforehand of things you absolutely want. Is a resort with plenty of activities imperative? Or would you rather a more laidback atmosphere? Are you looking for a more rustic cabin or a five-star suite? This can help you narrow down your choices when it comes to looking at locations and choosing which resort to book.

And, of course, you want convenience. You might want something closer to home to cut down on traveling, or look for a resort that offers an all-inclusive package, so you don't have to worry about anything once you're there.

Unwind with a relaxing lake resort vacation this year -- you might never want to take another type of vacation again!