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Stunning Waterfalls To Visit in the Poconos

Stunning Waterfalls To Visit in the Poconos

Everyone’s got cabin fever. The pandemic made travel a near impossibility last year. Luckily, 2021 is already looking brighter. Those itching to get out of their houses should start planning the ultimate post-quarantine vacation. This article will explain why you should consider these stunning waterfalls to visit in the Poconos. These majestic bodies of water can provide relaxation and exhilaration simultaneously.

Bushkill Falls

Many people refer to Bushkill Falls as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania.” The site is beautiful, as it’s almost hidden within the mountains. In fact, visitors must pass seven other waterfalls and go on a hike before they can see it. There are also a few attractions along the way. You can visit a gift shop and even a putting green. Bushkill Falls has something for everyone.

Dingmans Falls

Another stunning waterfall to visit in the Poconos is Dingmans Falls. This waterfall is gigantic; there’s an almost eighty-foot drop to the bottom. The sight will take your breath away, and the hike isn’t as intense as the one for Bushkill. Those who want something a little more accessible should give visit this site. Plus, there are so many great attractions the whole family can enjoy. A few activities are listed below:

  • The Pocono Environmental Education Center is located near Dingmans, and here, you can learn about the history of the area.
  • Kittatinny Canoes is a company that allows families to rent canoes so they can get even more exercise.
  • Sussex County Flower Maze is a place full of sunflowers. People can take gorgeous snapshots that they’ll appreciate for years to come.

Now, where should people stay if they’re going to check out these sites? Mountain Springs Lake has some of the best Poconos lakefront rentals in the area. If people are going to see waterfalls, they should stay at a place with a spectacular view of the water. Our team can offer that and so much more. Start planning the trip of your dreams. If you decide to stay at Mountain Springs Lake, you won’t be disappointed.