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Before You Book Your Destination Wedding, Consider Lake Resort Weddings in the Poconos

Before You Book Your Destination Wedding, Consider Lake Resort Weddings in the Poconos

A Magical Backdrop Is a Must

Today’s couples are looking for a wedding reception experience that ticks off their entire list, including the location. Destination weddings are on the rise because couples are not able to find exactly what they want in their own backyard.

More couples are choosing wedding and wedding reception locations that meet all the criteria they have set for the big day. Instead of having their wedding locally, they are traveling to the locations that they find magical.

Unfortunately, destination weddings can be cost-prohibitive for many couples and their guests.

The good news is if you know where to find the right venue, you may not have to travel far at all. For years, New Englanders and vacationers up and down the east coast have been visiting The Pocono Mountains as a vacation destination.

It delivers breathtaking natural beauty that can compete easily with any exotic location. The best part? Depending on where you live, it can be a convenient location. You can have the best of both worlds when you consider a lake resort wedding.

Destination: The Poconos

Whether you are coming from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, or Pennsylvania, the resorts in the Poconos are easy to access.

Weddings are hectic enough to plan. Thankfully, a lake resort wedding can reduce some of the stress. Wedding packages at one of the choice Poconos resorts deliver all the services you need to have a memorable wedding reception. This way, you no longer have to worry about long travel plans.

Lake Resort Weddings Are an Excellent Option for Many Reasons

Choosing the Poconos for your wedding destination is a great idea for many reasons, including:

  • Beautiful weddings designed for you
  • Easy for guests to attend
  • Affordability

Whether your dream wedding is an elegant affair, romantic, intimate event, or a rustic chic gathering, a lake resort wedding can deliver.

Your Guests Will Thank You

For your special day, you want the people who love you to surround you. Destination weddings too far off locales can be costly for your guests to attend. For some of your guests, the cost can be prohibitive, and they may have to bow out.

Proximity can play a role in your guests’ ability to attend your wedding. The Poconos are easy to reach!

It can be a cost savings affair without sacrificing any quality. Learn more about your options—you may be pleasantly surprised to learn what you can get with a lake resort wedding package!