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A Simple Guide to Postponing Your Wedding

A Simple Guide to Postponing Your Wedding

2020 will go down as one of the most unpredictable years in history. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced thousands of businesses and schools to close down. Engaged couples around the world have also had to reschedule their weddings. As heartbreaking as the situation is, people must try their best to stay hopeful. Read this simple guide to postponing your wedding if you’re feeling lost during these uncertain times.

Sit With Your Emotions

Rescheduling your wedding is painful. It’s okay to be upset about the whole thing. If you and your fiancé decide to postpone, take all the time you need to sort through things. You can be sad about how much the world has changed. There’s no right way to feel. However, remember to rely on one another during this difficult time. Both of you will have to process confusing emotions, so don’t be afraid to express these to your partner. You’ll come out of this experience a stronger unit than you were before.

Notify the Guests

Every couple should inform their guests the minute they decide to postpone their special day. Create beautiful cards relaying the news or call each person individually. Everyone will be understanding and appreciate that you’re thinking of their safety. If you have a new date set in stone, inform guests so they can mark their calendars early. It’s also a wise idea to have tissues on hand because you’ll undoubtedly hear loving words of encouragement. Remember, the day will be even more meaningful when you can celebrate with everyone you love.

Fine Tune the Details

One positive of moving your wedding is that you have more time to perfect the details. Go over your wedding checklist to see if there’s anything you missed. Also, contact every company that you hired for your big day. Most establishments will be understanding of your circumstances, and they’ll make any changes you want. The team at Mountain Springs Lake Resort, for example, understands how devastated couples are by the current events. We’ll work with you to ensure your future soiree is the Poconos mountain wedding of your dreams.

Follow this simple guide to postponing your wedding if your plans have changed due to COVID-19. Although it’s hard, your loved ones will appreciate you prioritizing their safety. Use this time as an opportunity to make the day perfect. Fine-tune every detail so you don’t miss anything. Your big day will come sooner than you think.