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3 Reasons to Have a Microwedding

3 Reasons to Have a Microwedding

The world is unrecognizable from what it was a few months ago. Millions of graduations, showers, and weddings have been postponed due to the pandemic. Still, not all hope is lost. Couples that want to get married this year should consider throwing a microwedding. As long as people follow their state’s guidelines, the event can still be incredibly special. This article will overview three reasons to have a microwedding.

It’s More Intimate

So many couples get caught up in the hoopla of their big day. When a couple hosts a larger wedding, they typically spend the entire day running around greeting guests. In fact, most newlyweds admit to not even eating their dinner. People who decide to have microweddings don’t encounter this issue. These special weddings are incredibly intimate, and couples can focus on what’s really important—celebrating their love for one another. The newlyweds can also speak to each of their guests privately, instead of just shouting a quick hello and moving on to the next person.

Couples Can Focus on the Details

Often, when a couple hosts a massive wedding, it’s challenging to hammer out all the details. Inevitably, something gets overlooked. This is less likely to happen, however, if you throw a microwedding. If you throw a smaller soiree, you can spend more time focusing on tiny details like selecting the perfect flower arrangements. Since you won’t have to worry about tracking down three hundred RSVPs in the mail, you can devote your energy to other things. Experts at your wedding venue may be able to help you more, as well. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Poconos, PA, look no further than Mountain Springs Lake Resort. We’re dedicated to helping all our couples have the best day of their lives. We’ll help you nail down every detail of your microwedding, so it’s as perfect as you’ve imagined.

It’s Unique

Another reason to have a microwedding is that it’s unique. Lots of wedding receptions are the same—there’s tons of dancing. Yet, not everyone knows how to bust a move on the dance floor. Think outside of the box and plan other activities to do at your microwedding. Perhaps you can play some games with your guests or have a sing-along by the fire. People will be totally blown away by your creativity, and it’ll be different from any other wedding they’ve attended before. Remember, this is your day. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate.

The team at Mountain Springs Lake Resort is so heartbroken for the couples who’ve had to postpone their nuptials this year. However, there’s light at the tunnel. Consider throwing a microwedding when certain restrictions are lifted so that you and your partner can still celebrate your love. Although your day might look different from what you’ve imagined, the experts at Mountain Springs Lake Resort will work tirelessly to make it special.